BIGS Baseball Adventure

  • The BIGS Baseball Adventure challenged Hample, who has caught more than 7,500 baseballs at MLB games to catch a “game used baseball” at all 30 MLB stadiums.  For every stadium at which he caught a baseball, BIGS donated $500 to the charitable partners Pitch In for Baseball.
  • For 20 of the markets Hample visited, we staged a media tour to promote the challenge, Hample’s unique skill and the BIGS Baseball Adventure.  In every city, Hample conducted radio, newspaper and TV interviews promoting the promotion.  He was also interviewed during game broadcasts and on national sports shows.
  • The campaign generated more than $2.5 million worth of publicity through more than 100 local and national media placements.
  • Some of the national story placement included; ESPN, MLB Network, The NY Daily News, The New Yorker, USA Today, Sports on Earth and more.
  • To generate additional publicity, Hample set a World Record by catching a baseball dropped from a helicopter. We produced and distributed a b-roll package from the event that was aired by hundreds of TV stations and websites.
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