Goldin Auctions

  • Serve as the PR firm for the industry’s fastest growing sports auction houses since the company’s launch in 2012.
  • Generate publicity targeted sports memorabilia collectors, pop culture enthusiasts and high net-worth individuals for up to four auctions annually.
  • Handled the publicity for some of the industry’s most controversial and valuable items including: Pete Rose Banishment Document; Kobe Bryant Collection; the $3.12 million Honus Wagner T206 Card; Babe Ruth’s 1918 Contract; the Jackie Robinson Contract Auction; the Mike Piazza 9/11 Jersey; the Babe Ruth Centennial Auction; the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Collection and much more..
  • Booked media appearances for company Founder Ken Goldin to promote each auction on CNBC, Bloomberg TV, Fox Business, ESPN, the Today Show and many other major media outlets.
  • Staged media days of high profile memorabilia in NY, NJ, LA, Baltimore and other cities in order to promote key memorabilia.

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